Dreamt Away


“I look in your eyes. It’s like looking in a mirror.

 Little resemblances, but I wish they were clearer.

Frozen in a moment, I feel u reading me.

From near and from afar, somehow you’re luring me,

 Into a state of mind- A rather exciting kind.

And now when I look I see, a reflection not mine.

You’re staring back at  me, smiling innocently.

I hear your silent pleas, ever resounding pleas.

Just can’t  turn away, I think I’ve lost myself.

Indulged in you, placed my life on shelf.

Awaiting, but afraid, remembering what I’ve said.

I’ll never fall again, or let the feelings remain.

I’ll never let you in, or ever break and mend.

So I stop myself, from dreaming in a dream.

Incepted for a minute, but let the bright light beam.

So hard for me to long, like, love again and lose.

Saw two roads not taken, and knew which one to chose.

I’ll take the one with dreams that didn’t point to you.

For waking from the dream of you, could destroy the others  too. “

R. A. Newton October 14, 2012

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