RIP Uncle Sathees


Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning, wishing it was a typical Monday? I did today. I woke up ten minutes before my alarm to the sound of my phone vibrating. First thing this morning I received a message from my little aunt, Subha, which ultimately altered my perspective of a typical Monday morning. It came with the tear jerking news of my uncle’s passing.

Anet, the youngest of three daughters, and fifth of six children in the Sockalingam family, has always been more of a mother to me than an aunt. She, alongside my grandmother were my guardians for the first 5/6 years of my life in SL,before I met my mother here in Canada. She’s caring, kind, loving, and most of all the best daughter to my grandma. In all her life, through many ups and downs, my aunt had never left my grandparents side.
Some years ago, God blessed her with an equally kind-hearted and caring husband, my uncle Sathees. I’ve had the privilege of meeting him on our trip to India when I was 13. He was smart, sociable and a very hospital guide throughout our stay. The one thing that stood out about him, I find, is that despite it being customary in our culture to take a bride out of her home/family and into the grooms world, my uncle never snatched away my aunt or pried her from her family. Instead he became one of us. He was actively involved in our lives, especially when it came to my grandma. I’m ever so thankful for that.
I was told before that, if God may be God anywhere, He must be God in he face of death also. Sometimes He takes the best for Himself, to prevent them from seeing the worst of this world. I want to thank God today for bringing uncle Sathees into our family, for the memories of him, and for the beautiful, precious little girl He gave to him and my aunt Anet.
I ask everyone to please keep my aunt, her little daughter Samiksha and the rest of our family in prayer as we go through this mourning period.
May he rest in peace.


  1. Thank you sooo much for visiting my blog. If you hadn’t I would never have known your uncle through your matchless poetry. You are very talented and blessed of God…we will see great things from you if I am any judge at all.

    Warmest Respect,

    Ron —

  2. Recently, about five weeks ago my uncle Washington pass about. To me he was more than just uncle, he was like looking into a mirror that show my future or perhaps I wanted to grow up to have two loving sons, a wife that carry for me and four grandsons who always wanted to be around him. But beyond that we had always been very poor before coming to America and we didn’t have a car, here I finally bought my own car and I was planning to drive to his house the day I found my mother in tears, she told me what had happen. To this day whenever I drive I think of him, I think how much he would enjoy the car, how much he would enjoy seeing me become a man, how much wanted to see him smile at me one last time. Rubble my head and tell me I was just like him.

    1. My condolences to you and your family. @bunnet
      Resemblances can be striking. I think too often we forget to celebrate people while they’re still alive or in our lives. However the strong relationship you and your family had with this uncle, shows so much about his life. Regardless of financial status, his certainly must have felt celebrated and truly loved by all of you. Again, my condolences.

      1. Thank you, I had have a lot of family pass away while we lived here in USA and it been hard, it showed me that like you said we need to celebrate people while they still live, while we can give them a hug. I do hope he felt the love

  3. “…Sometimes He takes the best for Himself, to prevent them from seeing the worst of this world….”

    This is what I told my little sister when her oldest son died.
    This a beautiful eulogy for your Uncle and an honor to all of your families.

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