Character Sketch

I wrote of love

And a first kiss

Envisioned a life

Full of dreams and bliss

Pictured conversations

Of all that matter and don’t,

Over coffee, or wine

Or with our TV on.

Promised I would solve

All the possible fights.

In the form of poetry

I shared my plights.

Perfectly balanced

Love and war

Waged among us

Within, forevermore.

And some time later

You spotted me somewhere.

Had a smirk on your face

And fixated stare.

Love at first sight,

Or the beginning of strife?

Whatever this may be,

I think I wrote you into life.

R. A. Newton
November 6, 2013.
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    1. I’ve been told that different coloured roses have different meanings. Apparently this dyed blue rose means one in a million. I’ve had it for nearly 5 years now.

      1. yes! in holland they season the die with a preservative if is a real rose as opposed to a silk! blue is associated with krishna, tara & mary. the rose is always associated with love & the feminine. so a blue rose represents spiritually enlightened love & compassionate consciousness…

  1. …i just had an ahha! moment when you pix flashed on my screen! i an the Director of Musical Liturgy in the Catholic Church. Last Sunday we had a new family & I found the both arrestingly beautiful & but oddly familiar! Turns out she almost could be a sister or cousin of yours, similar beautiful bone structure & ivory smile! I did not have the opportunity to speak to them unfortunately, but the impression lingered until now! Also, did you notice that I once had a champion cocker spaniel whose name was Ariel (lion of god). Stay in touch my blue rose! ^^~~~~

    1. Yes Ariel means lioness of God. That’s sounds intriguing. I haven’t any cousins who look similar to me. I’m the odd one in the family, you might even assume I was adopted. It would be fun to have a doppelgänger. Aha!
      Will do.

    1. I don’t believe I’ve ever asked myself that. Not sure why I would. I usually write based on the current events of my life or those in my life. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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