Years ago, I believe in 2009 my two close friends and I used to get on the phone every night and pray together. We used to pray for each other and others we knew. During this period of time, Maria, one of the two friends mentioned something that we like to call “the Butterfly Theory.” This I will write another blog about soon, when the time and season is right, and explain to you all about it. Let’s call this blog the prequel to “the Butterfly Theory,” since both go hand in hand and this one precedes the other. This is “Metamorphoo,” the Greek word from which we get the English word transformed (Stevens, page 35).

It was on January 31,2010, at a prophetic crusade meeting I heard Pastor Stephen Goerge of Texas speak about transformation. He described the butterfly and how vital it is for it to go through the period of change its stage as caterpillar to butterfly. Given the emphasis all my metaphors and analogies had to butterflies during that season of my life, his words registered clearly and permanently on my mind, though it took years before I fully understood, accepted and applied them.

“If you try to break the butterfly out of its cocoon, you will kill it,” he said. “It will come out when it’s ready.” This is a pretty simple message to follow, but I took it as something to understand about my own transformation and growth. Which is perfectly fine because it’s important recognize that as God’s master piece in progress, your growth will take time.

Recently, after 6 years, I realized it also meant to not rush the process of others’ transformation period. Mark this down, when you start praying for someone, you will be placed in that person’s life as the source of light and Christ likeness. In those moments your patience and grace will be tested.

I started praying for someone, and God started speaking to me about showing grace. Every time he did something to upset me, God reminded me of how much I’ve been forgiven for and just how long it took me to become the woman I am now, in Christ. Almost 10 years to be precise, and still and imperfect in desperate need of God’s grace every single day. I found myself praying for the grace to forgive, understand and have patience. In doing so, God started to show me all the good things about his character, things I admire and find inspiring even. I was given clear instruction to have a gentle spirit and to show him the grace I’m shown everyday. To take things up a notch God reminded me that he was made “fearfully and wonderfully in the Image of God.”
Finally in a class yesterday, the pastor pointed out the section in her book that speaks about the transformation of the butterfly. It brought me back to the 2010 meeting and a prophecy that’s yet to be fulfilled. But it reminded me that I have to remember not to break the butterfly out of the cocoon before it’s time, and allow it go through the process.
R. A. Douglas

(March 16, 2016.)


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