All things hidden

God spoke two weeks ago in a prayer line with a friend “that all things hidden shall come to light,” and that He will have a solid answer within two weeks. God never lies.

In an outburst I broke down and boldly asked God to vindicate me yesterday, without realizing that it had been two weeks, and within hours, “All things hidden came to light.”

I almost felt guilty about praying that prayer until I realized, that no matter the equation and situation, be it even that I had been the “prodigal daughter,” I’m the child of God and therefore the favour was upon me. And the minute I turned to God again, He ran to me answered me again. This not to encourage sin not condone wrong doing, but when you miss the mark unintentionally, God is still there to forgive. There are consequences for sins, especially the intentional ones, but “Abraham believed and it was accounted to him as righteousness.” Our faith is the first part of righteousness. The word also says the unbelief is wickedness. 

With a God who loves that deeply about His children, it’s easy to repent. You don’t ever want to disappoint a God like that. Always let Him into every part of your life and all your relationships knowing that He is on your side. “He works all things out for the good of those who love Him.” 

Never leave God out of the equation, and never compromise your faith. If things are rocky and rough, you will have calm in the storms if only you’d allow God to be a part of it all. Otherwise make room for pain, and hurt. “His peace which surpasses all understanding.”

I’ve always hated lies, liars, and secrecy but the most powerful, life changing and important relationship of my life came with a whole lot of secrecy. When I became overwhelmed by it, out of fear and guilt instead of running to God I turned from Him. I can honestly look back about guarantee that I was happy and would never trade even a split second I spent with the man I loved for anything in the world, but I do wish I had kept God in the loop. Because when outside, the reality of our complicated situation became suffocating and overwhelming only God could’ve made things right. Only God could’ve given me grace, and peace, and ability to endure it and handle it right. I didn’t handle it right until I finally gave it God. Know this, it’s never too late to surrender all to Him and ask for His guidance over any situation. 

The overall outcome, though ridiculously dramatic for someone like me, who’s most words ever come out on paper than through the mouth, nothing was more releasing than the truth coming out into the clear, and me not having to hold my breath and drown in secrecy. Praise God. After all, “the truth will set you free.” Right?

I think this is the case for everyone who was involved in the situation. The truth will set you free. 

I personally finally felt detached and broken out of cycles, and relieved. It was a mess and now it’s fixed. And everyone can go on with life, without the burden of hiding things, pretending or lying. That burden is the biggest torment to the soul. Hiding what God would otherwise have exposed. When you keep God in the picture it would not come to that point, because though the Holy Spirit can never leave you and, though you can’t lose your salvation, it is possible to grieve and silence the Holy Spirit. And remember there is no one better to run to than God because He is on your side and will guide you back onto the right path. 

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