Weirder things have happened in life. I’ve always been the type to hate going to doctors or taking meds. Hasn’t been so for the last 2 years. I spent more time last year at the doctor’s office and test labs than I did at church, and I’m at church every Sunday. 

After a few years of battling paralyzingly painful migraines and body pains, I got an MRI referral. This I did not want to do. Just the thought of it was causing me anxiety for months. But somehow, when I got there, I went through it and was fine. Until the I missed the calls from my doctor and have a mini attach. One of those, chest pain so bad I to get off the bus to avoid passing out and sit down on the concrete to breathe sort of days, was yesterday. Followed by, waking up dizzy and nauseated sort of days, was today. 

To add fuel to the fire, I go on Facebook to deactivate today only to be asked whether I’d like my Facebook account deleted after I die. Was that really necessary Facebook? But it got me thinking. What would I want at that time? 

I’d want my loved ones, the few that I have, to throw me a party, not a funeral. Throw me a party and call it “Roja’s Homecoming.” And I’d want everyone who was ever a part of my life in a big or small way, to be there celebrating. Not mourning- but celebrating. I’d want two people to say eulogies, the funny one to keep the crowd entertained, and the loved one who knows me inside out. And on my last day I want to see the 10 most important people in the world to me. I want to see Matt first and Tubz last. But before I go I must say “I’ll see you later,” to these. I have to know that I’ll see them at home when they’ve gone through an entire, an wholesome life.

But thinking further, I asked myself, if today were my last day am I ready? Would I hear God say, “well done good and faithful servant,”? Many are called but few are chosen, right? I’d be leaving everything halfway. So I stood up and got to work. 

I want to hear,”well done.” 


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