Had she not turned away

It might have consumed her,

That one look;

As terrifying as it was intriguing.

His eyes;

As electrifying as they were enticing.

She meddled with reckless thoughts

Like Eve at the sight of forbidden fruit.

©R. A. Douglas February 2019


      1. Eeegads… that is what kills me about people with artistic talent…they always seem to down play it “oh, I doodle” or as a friend always tells me “anyone can do this” lololol. Yes, I’m jealous!

  1. We all have those reckless thoughts sometimes, don’t we?

    I love your “doodle.” It’s beautiful and poetic. There’s a depth to it. You have the total package.

  2. Lovely, concise piece. Love the imagery at the end. Anyways, just wanted to pop by and say thanks for liking my recent post ‘Back Then”. I like that you instead of turning away, you simply let my poem consume you😊.

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